Aline Aronsky Photography

True Wonderful

True Wonderful explores the fantastical universe of the Los Angeles rave community today.

They call themselves Kandi Kids, after the intricate friendship bracelets strangers trade between one another. After years, ravers find themselves with armfuls of kandi, a physical manifestation of the escapism, ecstasy and unity that constructs their makeshift universe. Underground events are saturated with PLUR – a motto standing for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. Kandi Kids embody this code, managing each other’s wellbeing in a world without drug regulation or harm reduction. An extraordinary community evolves, representing the subversion of the ordered, restrained, chemically pure and self-contained body.

This project delves into the delirious experience of losing oneself to community hedonism from the view of someone who’s seen it from within.

True Wonderful exhibited in November 2019. All the prints in the project are available to purchase (see here).

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