Behind the Scenes Process

Travelling to other countries always makes me feel more inspired. I love the refreshing taste of new air, new people, new vibes. Having another hand to help me take self portraits is helpful too. I have a tripod but it slows down my speed so much that I prefer not to use it.

When I saw this puddle in an empty parking lot I immediately thought of one of my inspirations, Henri Cartier Bresson. His photographs always strike such an personal chord with me, but this one is my favorite - 

Obviously I had to recreate it with my own twist. This is the first time since the new year where I had a wisp of a concept in mind, and completed it start to finish. A “making of” is below.

Firstly I merged the two photographs to get the reflection of I wanted. Then, I expanded the image to get the whole scene in the frame. I used the clone tool in photoshop to remove the ugly cars in the background. I considered doing it to the graffiti but I decided not to in the end. I think it gives it a bit more grit. I changed it to black and white, and done! Here is the final. 

Autumn mornings

Autumn is the best season, duh. 

I love the dark mornings when I get up early and feel like I’m the only person awake in the world. 

I love carrying around my thermos full of piping hot chai tea. 

I love listening to acoustic versions of my favorite songs as I make breakfast. 

I love wearing my wooly socks and wrapping my blanket scarf around my neck. 

I love red noses and crackling fires and Thanksgiving. 

I wanted a photoshoot to epitomize the cozy nostalgia that autumn gives to me. Every morning I wake up and see the rays of light shining through my shutters, slowly crawling down the bare walls of my room. I finally decided to clear all the clutter out and organize a shoot. I tend to lean on fancy props and poses so I really wanted to strip this one down to basics and see what I could create. It was just me, Kay (the amazing model), the light and the camera. 

Here are some of my favorite frames.

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